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Q. Can I still get Sky if I live in a flat or apartment?

A.  Yes! By law, your landlord must give you access to satellite TV. This right is provided under EU law and must be granted in all EU member countries. Speak with your landlord and tell him that. Ask him where and how you can set up a dish so as to cause minimum fuss. If he is unwilling to help or even allow a dish, get some legal advice. It is your right, fight for it.

Q. What do I need to do to get satellite TV?

A.  All you need to do is decide whether you want to go for Sky or Freesat. If you go for Sky, you need to decide which package is best for you and which box you want. Then call us and we’ll do the rest for you.

Q. What do you provide?

A. We provide the equipment, which includes the satellite dish, your digibox and the necessary cabling. If you go for Sky TV, we will arrange for your viewing card to be delivered from our partner company, SkyCards. They will send the viewing card via UPS and we will help you set the service up once you have received your card.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Please call us on 0631 946 313 to discuss prices. We will charge you for the equipment and installation. With Freesat, it ends there. If you go for Sky, you need to set up your package and monthly payments with our partner company SkyCards.

Q. Does the equipment come with a warranty?

A.  Yes. We use only Sky approved equipment, which comes with a 9 month warranty. We only sell brand new equipment and operate a return and replace policy where we gladly swap any faulty boxes.

Q. How do I choose the Sky packages available to me?

A.  It really is a matter of personal taste. If you love your sports then a package with Sky Sports is a must. If you love films then Sky Movies should be part of your package. We are happy to help you choose your package and when you call our partner company SkyCards to set up your subscription, you could always ask for their advice too. You can also add extra channels to any package. Have a look at the Sky Packages here.

Q. What is the difference between Sky+ and a Sky+HD box?

A.  Sky+ is the “standard” Sky box. It means that you don’t get any of the high definition channels. With the Sky+ HD box you get 66 HD channels, so it really depends on how important picture quality is to you. Some of the nature and wildlife documentaries in HD are incredible!

Q. If I want Freesat do I need an aerial?

A.  No. Freesat is delivered via satellite.

Q. I already have a satellite dish. Can I use that?

A.  You should be able to use your existing satellite dish for Freesat. When we come to install the service we will check the existing dish.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any problems?

A. If you have any problems at all you need to contact us. Do not contact Sky directly. Sky is not allowed to service customers outside of the UK and Ireland so we act as a third party. If you contact Sky directly they may deactivate your card.

For more information about UK Sky and Freesat
TV in Belgium and The Netherlands, fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.






















Q. Is it safe to leave my digibox on standby?

A. Yes! In fact, your box has been designed to ensure it is safe to be left on standby at all times. It is best to leave your Sky box plugged in all the time. Updates to software and services are sometimes sent to your box via the satellite. Those updates are not possible if your box is unplugged.

If the red light on the front panel of your box is on and you can’t switch in on using your remote control or the Sky button on the box, you are “stuck in stand-by”. To rectify this, follow the Connection Check process (see below).

Q. What do I do when it says there’s no signal?

A. There are a few reasons why you might be getting this message. Most of the time, a software update or system reboot will do the trick.

To update your Software –

  1. Switch the box off and unplug it from the wall.
  2. Press the ‘back up’ button on the box and keep it pressed whilst you re-connect the power to the digibox.
  3. Keep your finger pressed on the ‘back up’ button until you see this message:
    “Software download now in process please do not disconnect the power for 15 minutes”
  4. After this has been done, switch the box off and on again.

To reboot your system –

  1. Switch the box off and unplug it from the wall
  2. Wait for about 30 seconds, reconnect the power and switch the box back on

Common reasons for this error message include adverse weather or a change in atmospherics. Also, consider whether there is something blocking your satellite dish, like a tree, or whether your dish might have become loose and slipped out of position. If you have tried the software update or system reboot and had no luck, give us a call and we will come and see what the problem is.

Q. Why do I have a blue screen with search and scan banner?

A.  From the channel displaying the blue screen and banner, select channel 501 (Sky News) on your Sky remote control.

If there is no change, follow the instructions below to perform a Connection Check:

  1. Switch your digibox on to standby using your remote control or the button on the front panel of the digibox.
  2. The red light will be displayed on the front panel of your digibox.
  3. Isolate the power to your digibox by unplugging or switching off at the wall socket and ensure there are no lights on the front of the box.
  4. Ensure all the digibox and TV connections are seated securely. Pay particular attention to the 21 pin SCART lead, the dish input connection and the traditional RF type connection.
  5. Restore power to your digibox and leave it in standby mode for 30 seconds. (The red light will show on the front panel of your digibox). This time is required to allow the digibox to initialise.
  6. Ensure that your TV is switched on, and on the correct channel. Take the digibox out of standby mode by pressing the Sky button on the remote control or the standby button on the front panel of the digibox.
  7. The red light will turn to green on the front panel and the message “searching for listings” will appear on screen.

When completed successfully the Sky Welcome Channel on channel 998 will be displayed.

*Please note, if the Sky Welcome Channel is not displayed, repeat process again, from the beginning.

If you are still experiencing problems after completing a Connection Check then please contact our partners Skycards, who can provide further technical assistance.

Q. The picture has frozen. What should I do?

A.  Extreme weather can cause this problem. If it is raining hard, snowing heavily, if snow is settling on your dish, or if you are experiencing strong or gale force winds, you could be experiencing a reduction in signal quality. Once the extreme weather has subsided your viewing should return to normal. If there is no change, follow the instructions for a Connection Check. If the connection check is unsuccessful there may be a problem with the alignment of the dish and you will need to contact us.

Q. Why is it saying “channel unavailable”?

A.  There may be times when a group of channels become temporarily unavailable because of a problem with one of our transponders. However, if you’re having issues with just one channel, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the channel on your TV that Sky is normally viewed on.
  2. Using the Sky remote control, press Sky and then press 501 for the Sky News channel.

If this channel can be viewed with no problems, then return to the channel which was previously affected. If the problem is no longer apparent, check that the issue has been resolved by selecting some other channels. This may happen from time to time but if it occurs again please try this process before calling us. If you are still experiencing problems after completing this procedure then please call SkyCards who will provide further technical assistance.

Q. Why is it saying “this viewing card is not authorised”?

A.  There are a couple of common reasons why you might be seeing this message. Firstly, the card may not have been activated correctly. Alternatively, when a replacement card has been sent, that has not been activated. In both cases, our partner SkyCards will need to send a signal.

Q. Why is it telling me this is the wrong card for this set top box?

A.  This is a common error message if your box has been changed. You would need to contact SkyCards and get them to send a signal to remove this message. When you contact them, have your digibox serial and viewing card numbers ready.

Q. Why is it saying “wrong card please insert correct sky viewing card”?

A.  Don’t get this error message mixed up with the last one! Although they are similar, they require different signals to fix them.This message usually occurs with recently replaced sky viewing cards. SyCards can send a signal upon request to remove this message.

Q. Why am I being told to “call this number to upgrade”?

A.  This is a subscription error message. The most common reason for this message is if one of your subscription payments has failed. The message can be removed by sending a signal but you need to speak to your card issuer to ensure there are no further problems, and then your account can be reactivated.

Q. I have to insert the old card for 5 minutes and then replace with new card. Why?

A.  As part of the card changeover process, this message was introduced to ensure the new card was inserted at the correct time and was ready to receive the signal. This is a message that can be removed by sending a signal. Make sure that your new card is in the box and contact SkyCards for a signal to be sent.

Q. The box is searching for listings. What’s happening?

A.  This message usually appears when the box is first switched on. The message usually goes within a couple of minutes as the box picks up the signal. If there was a problem with the signal, this message would stay on for longer and would then be replaced by the ‘no satellite signal is being received’ message.